Texture Notes

by Sawako Nakayasu | bio

136 pages with cover art by Chris Martin | 2010

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Is there a relationship between the population density
of Tokyo and the pinkest part of a hamburger? Can
one touch the inside of a noun to learn the difference
between one bicycle and a field of bicycles? How
close is yellow to need? How far are human fears from
the fears of insects? Through a sequence of prose
investigations, directions, theoretical performances,
and character sketches, Sawako Nakayasu’s Texture
presses itself against everything. Here is a book
of liminal cartography, where textures are percolated by
thought and propelled by feeling, where intellectual
frottage meets sunlight, moonlight, the pain of seeing
something beautiful and an entire town enamored by a
simple rock. Once again, Nakayasu’s writing explodes
with genre-bending fury and fine-tuned improvisation,
leaving in its wake a largess of feeling for the things
of the world.

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