by Travis Nichols | bio

55 pages with cover by Melissa Scherrer | 2010

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In Iowa, Travis Nichols turns the bleak cultural void
of Midwestern adolescence into a sequence of stunning
prose vignettes. Here, a coming-of-age consciousness
articulates the knotty uncertainties of personal, social
and familial anxieties in sentences as equally complex
as the feelings they house: “The memories true or not
against him seem to be turning to steam, as I turned,
all the while thinking of chewing out alone through the
ghostly meats.” With youthful perplexity and zeal, a
humorous and caustic violence of reflection drives this
meditative, unclassifiable book. The scary truth is that
the foreignness of private teenage cant was always
asking the right questions. Now, we just have to listen:
“Is this the right one thing you haunt? Looking at this
one house year after year? Yes. It must be. Not to let
you move on. That was the way out.”

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